Please be quiet entering/exiting the building and in the lobby (RESPECTING NEIGHBORS IN JAPAN IS VERY IMPORTANT)

* If you have large bags, please try to keep noise to a minimum when moving them

* Shoes off inside

* Turn off lights and A/C when you go out to help us save energy

* Smoke outside on balcony (ashtray is on balcony, please close sliding door so smell doesn't enter apartment)

* Please supervise children at all times. Children should NEVER be left unsupervised on balcony. Don't leave young children alone in the apartment.

We will not be held liable for any accident or injury.

Most importantly……make yourself at home and enjoy the great city of Kyoto!

■Japanese-style room

Sliding doors of Japanese-style it's made of just paper.

It's easy to break.

please use Sliding doors with care.



■How to run hot water in the bath■

<1> Please push the green button.

<2> the voice guidance.

<3>  Please push the red button. 

<4>  Close the Bathtub stopper.

<5>  Please turn the faucet down at bath room.

<6>  Please wait About 15 minutes.

<7>  When the hot water is enough you will hear the voice guidance.

<8>  Already stopped hot water.

<9> Please close the faucet.


■About Futon■

If you want to sleep on tatami Not in bed.

Please set table against wall.


2 people, please sleeping in bunk beds.

3 people, please sleeping and laid the futon on the tatami


Futon in the closet uppert is available.

Futon in the closet lower is not available.

There are no sheets with the futon.


810 DAIMONJI room

■How to use of air conditioning on the remote control

When you are cold it is 「暖房」

Meaning of 暖房 is heating.


When you are hot it is 「冷房」

Meaning of 冷房 is cooling.


washitsu MaikoEnmachiGH

Daimonji MaikoEnmachiGH



9:00 ~ 20:00 (月~金)


TEL: 075-257-7746

FAX: 075-257-7747


登録ユーザー数 98社

バーチャル 京都 オフィス
バーチャル 京都 オフィス
レンタル 事務所 格安
SOHO 起業 創業 
レンタル 事務所 格安
シェア オフィス 創業
シェア オフィス 創業
バーチャルオフィス  起業
バーチャル 京都 オフィス
バーチャル 京都 オフィス
バーチャル 京都 オフィス
バーチャルオフィス 起業 貸し住所
バーチャル 京都 オフィス 貸し住所
バーチャル 京都 オフィス 貸し住所
バーチャル 京都 オフィス 貸し住所
Kyoto Guest House Ninja
Kyoto guest house Ninja

TEL: 075-257-7746